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About MISO
The MISO manages one of the world's largest energy and operating reserves markets using security-constrained economic dispatch of generation. The Midwest Energy and Operating Reserves Market includes a Day-Ahead Market, a Real-Time Market, and a Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) Market. These markets are operated and settled separately. The MISO was approved as the nation's first RTO in 2001. Membership in the organization is voluntary. The non-profit organization was founded in 1998, is governed by an independent Board of Directors, and is headquartered in Carmel, Indiana with an operations center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

MISO's scale of committed operations:

  • 143,765 MW Generation Capacity (reliability)
  • 104,538 MW Historic Peak Load (reliability, set July 20, 2011)
  • 49,670 miles of transmission
  • $18.1 billion in transmission assets under functional control
  • 34 Transmission Owners
  • 97 non-transmission owning members
  • 594 TW hours annual billing (2011 transmission service)

For more information about MISO or visit their calendar.

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